Submit a Shirt Story or Testimony

This is the place for those who have the shirt to tell their story, how God has used the shirt to connect them to other Christians as well as work as a witness to those who do not yet have a close personal relationship with their creator.

This is also the place to share your personal testimony for how you were saved by Jesus.

If you have a story to tell or a testimony to share, fill out the form below. We will review and post your story to the Story page. If you have a picture of you in the shirt somewhere on the Internet, you can include the url in the space below and we will upload it. Or email us the picture at: (include the same name as you do in the form below so we can link them).

3 Responses to Submit a Shirt Story or Testimony

  1. Daniel Peterson says:

    Please send me my shirt.

  2. I am helping kids with special Olympics who has a lot Disalbed adults with Down syndrome and austim and deaf and cerebral palsy. Iam a 29 years old woman with cholera implants on both side of my ear and on right side my hand has cerebral palsy. I used play basketball for special Olympics Oklahoma City hotshots after injuring my left knee 4 years ago .. was no longer playing basketball and started playing bocce ball enjoying that now.

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