Project Completed May 3, 2020

Thank you!!! This Project is now completed as of May 3, 2020.  Thank you for everyone who has asked for a shirt from this website.  5,000+ shirts have been freely given away and distributed to 107 countries around the world and all 50 states.  Many more shirts have been requested than we were able to give, but we fully believe the Lord has heard your honest desire to proclaim His name.  You don't need a shirt to do that though; just the power of the Holy Spirit!!!

Luke 12:8 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.”

Awesome Jesus Shirts are NOT purchased, they are given away to those who will use them for their intended purpose. Tell us your Jesus story and why you want to have the shirt and we will send out a shirt if we are moved by the Holy Spirit to do so.  Note:  Not everyone who requests a shirt receives one due to limitations in funds, but we always keep the requests we receive in case one day we will be able to do so.


2,882 Responses to Project Completed May 3, 2020

  1. Alicia Raine says:


  2. Darius Gear says:


  3. Jessica scroggins says:

    Amen 😇👼

  4. Michelle Pope says:

    Jesus Christ is AWESOME! I praise him everyday! All my Faith is with Him! He is gracious & loving to ALL! AMEN…HALLELUJAH!

  5. John Skinner says:

    Be kind to everyone, help who you can ,when you can …

  6. Tera says:

    With God, ALL things are possible. We all need to stick together.

  7. Mary Hall says:

    Jesus Christ broke my chains of addiction and continues to guide me in a sober and Christian life each and every day.

  8. Everyone has a purpose here on this Earth and if we give them the Lord Jesus Total Control in our lives he will open doors in our lives and provide the desires of our heart

  9. Mrs. Catherine Cooper says:

    Keep the people and their families who are directly affected by the COVID-19 virus in your prayers

  10. Delanea Fumo says:

    Thanks so much and these are trying times we all have Gods love amen

  11. Karen Norsworthy says:

    God hear our cry for our country at this horrible time in our land.

  12. Michelle Jeffries says:

    Thank you

  13. Dee says:

    God is good!

  14. Cynthia Hines says:

    Thanking God for another day..God is good all the time, and this too shall pass..Amen.

  15. Grateful for this awesome chance to win

  16. I’m a lupus patient pray for my strength and my strength in the Lord

  17. Amber Boughner says:


  18. Jesus is our one and only true God believe in him and all will be well. Truth is life with Jesus. The world needs a leader spiritually to keep us strong in faith.

  19. Mswa says:

    Thank you

  20. Amy Damron says:

    Thank u

  21. Thank you let me tell my story.

  22. K38 says:

    I know my savior lives! ❤️

  23. Ginger Misener says:

    🙏🙏🙏😷😷😷 for everyone going thru the Coronavirus

  24. Amy says:

    Thank you. Have a blessed day. Pray away the virus together💜.

  25. Joan says:

    God bless us all

  26. I pray that you all are righteous that my tshirt will be send to me.

  27. Yvonne Williams says:


  28. cheryl dolan says:

    Always trust in the Lord
    God Bless

  29. Benita Ellis says:

    Praise the Lord everybody 🙏

  30. KIMBERLY Khan says:

    Thank you

  31. Vanessa says:

    when i was 15yrs old, i tried committing suicide. i took 20 pills. i was so close to death. my whole body swelled up. i got bumps all over my body. my throat was startin to close up and i could barely even breathe. i knew i was seconds away from death. i was gasping for air. i got scared and regretted it right away. i wished ive never done it. for the first time in my life, i cried out to God and told him i dont wanna die. i jus need help. plz help me. plz help me. i wept. within seconds, i felt this warmth, love and peace surround me. i knew for a fact it was God. within seconds, he healed my whole body. i could breathe. swelling was gone. he instantly delivered me from suicidal thoughts and depression after strugglin with it for 6yrs. psychiatrists and psychologists and takin their medicine never helped. the only thing that WORKED was when i cried out to God and asked him for help. he instantly saved me and delivered me and performed miracles on me. he gave me a new outlook on life. for once in my life i actually wanted to live and not die. that was something odd for me cuz for 6yrs i wanted to die so bad. my mom had cancer and shes the reason why i tried taking my life cuz i didnt wanna lose her. i lost her at 16yrs old and lost my dad at 17yrs old. i didnt kno Jesus until i was 24 n a half yrs old. im 25 now n my relationship with Jesus is so strong. hes helped me change into a whole diff person. ppl actually see the miraculous change in me. if it wasnt for Jesus, id be dead right now. The only healer u need is Jesus. hes our healer. Go to Jesus for healing. im living proof 😊💖 Jesus loves u😊💖 he wants u to repent and forsake ur sins, be born again and place ur faith n trust in him. start havin a personal relationship with Jesus and obey him 😊💖 there’s another experience i wanna share.The Holy Spirit entered my body. i really felt it when he entered me. i was filled with peace, love and comfort. God shared his love with me and gave me understanding of how much he really loves all of us. God loves the worst person out there. Even a murderer who killed 50 million ppl. God said he loves that person and hes ready to forgive them if only they ask. He’s ready and willing to forgive u and remember ur sins no more. It was love that none of us could express. God told me he doesnt want hell for any of us. Hes not mean at all like some of us may see him. He only warns us because he loves us so much and wants us being reconciled back to him. I felt the holy spirit grieve in me. i started weeping nonstop for hours. The Holy Spirit was weeping for all the lost souls. He told me to pray and plead with God for forgiveness, mercy, grace and more time for all the lost sinners. pray that they come into a repentance and God softens their heart. God doesn’t want hell for us. He weeps when 1 soul goes to hell. The lil bit of grief he allowed me to feel was too much for me to bear. i told God i cant handle this grief. its too much for me. God took the grief away from me. He just wanted me to know how high, deep and wide his love really is. I had hate for my enemy and unforgiveness but God gave me HIS OWN love for my enemy. And now i have love for my enemy and ive been trying to help him get saved and be reconciled back to God. There’s no way u can love ur enemies on ur own. U can only love ur enemies when u SHARE in Gods love 😊💖 God is truly beautiful and he loves you so much. He doesnt want bad for u. He wants u to know and feel how much he loves you and he is for u 😊💖 we may fail God and get mad at him, but God will never fail us and will never leave us. I know this from experience😊 Jesus loves u 💖😊 read the bible starting in the book of John 😊 The NLT version is more easier to understand than KJV 😊💖

  32. Vickie May says:

    I am proud of my Lord.

  33. Jenny White says:

    Stay safe people chin up hopefully it will be over before we know it …God bless the ones that didn’t make it God is with u x

  34. Johanna says:

    Put your faith in Jesus.
    Bless all first responders, health care workers.
    Bless those who are sick.

  35. Regina Woods says:


  36. Regina Woods says:

    Thank you in Jesus name

  37. Kimberly says:

    God is Good!!

  38. The Lord is my Shepard I shall not want

  39. JoAnna Bingham says:

    Thank you for the free T-Shirt! May God be with us all.

  40. Eufrance Gutierrez says:

    God help us all and end this covid virus now.

  41. I believe God will get us all through all of this And just keep trusting and believing.

  42. Lisa McCormick says:

    Love and peace to all.

  43. Jeanette Adams says:

    Thank you. God Bless us all!!

  44. Gena says:

    Thank you

  45. Pslams 91 those who may dwell in the house with. .

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