Request a Shirt

Luke 12:8 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.”

Awesome Jesus Shirts are NOT purchased, they are given away to those who will use them for their intended purpose. Tell us your Jesus story and why you want to have the shirt and we will send out a shirt if we are moved by the Holy Spirit to do so.  Note:  Not everyone who requests a shirt receives one due to limitations in funds, but we always keep the requests we receive in case one day we will be able to do so.

2,422 Responses to Request a Shirt

  1. Luz Rivera says:

    Thank you and many blessings.

  2. Ellen says:

    Thanks so much. I pray to God every day.

  3. Благослови вас господь

  4. Mark says:

    Please pray for all the abused children of the world.
    No child should have to suffer abuse at the hands of the ones who are supposed to care for them, all adults.
    May God bless you all and help you to help those in need.

  5. Mohsen Salah Nashed Salib says:

    The Lord helps you with your great mission and let this shirt be the tool that makes people learn and know about our Savior! Waiting impatiently for this precious T-shirt to wear it in Egypt and help people to know about the word of God. Amen!

  6. Tanya says:

    God bless

  7. Tanya says:

    Help me to overcome the struggles I am dealing with and my health issues

  8. Katrina Stull says:

    Thank you ❤

  9. Carlton Hall says:

    God is good all the time

  10. Thank you Jesus for being Alive

  11. Dmitry says:

    I want to give a t-shirt to my mom! After all, thank her for creating me and thank God for everything that he has done for us. Amen

  12. ANDREW says:

    Thank You..Amen.

  13. WinnieWu says:

    Thanks,God Bless!

  14. Brandi Brown says:

    God Bless to All.

  15. Tammy says:

    Thank you! God bless

  16. Emily Spano says:

    Thank you for the t shirt

  17. Lelani Hinkel says:

    Thank you for the t-shirt offer.

  18. Terri Ann Kruger says:

    Thank you for the gift

  19. Max says:

    Thank you and God bless

  20. Aleksander says:

    I really want Russia and Ukraine to reconcile. I really want Russia and the United States to reconcile.

  21. MISTY WAGNER says:

    I would really love this shirt.

  22. Dmitry says:

    Thank and God bless

  23. Dina Marie Diaz says:

    Thank you and many blessing to everyone ❤

  24. Thank you. God Bless you

  25. Becky says:

    Thank you very much! XXXOOO

  26. Whitney says:


  27. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to spread God’s word

  28. Donna Freeman says:

    Thank and God bless

  29. Brandi says:

    Thank you for the shirt

  30. Christian Roman says:

    God bless you for this wonderful gift. I shall spread the word of your kindness and that of our Lord to everyone my path comes across.

  31. Thank you so my h. Jesus Christ is so very very Good all of the time. Amen

  32. Melinda Amu says:


  33. Mariia says:

    Thank you so much

  34. Wilma says:

    Can’t Waite to get new shirt is nice

  35. Thank you all my friends and sisters will see your post .thank you again Wilma Thompson .

  36. Dennis Berg says:

    Thank you for the T shirt

  37. katnano70 says:

    Pray 4 my health please

  38. Joy Simpson says:

    Thank you for the t-shirt.

  39. Chris says:

    Thank you and many blessings

  40. Chris says:

    Thank you and many blessings

  41. JILL JENKINS says:

    Thank you I’d love to where a t-shirt so everybody can know I am a child of the Living God

  42. Katherine nano says:

    Thanks if I get it .

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