Request a Shirt

Awesome Shirts are NOT purchased, they are given away to those who will use them for their intended purpose. Tell us your Jesus story and why you want to have the shirt and we will send out a shirt if we feel one is warranted.

449 Responses to Request a Shirt

  1. crystale clawson says:

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

  2. Rorie Brown says:

    Thank you so much!!! Have a magical day everyone!!

  3. Beth says:

    May God Bless you all daily

  4. Kelea smith says:


  5. Amanda Jack says:

    God bless you and your family

  6. Brandon says:

    Thank u very much God bless you

  7. Sally Wood says:

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  8. Marina Ermoshina says:


  9. Zach pelkey says:

    Have a great day

  10. Rev. Ruth Leckliter says:

    Thank you so much i pray God helps your organization in every way

  11. Joshua Fowler says:

    Thank you so much.

  12. Jose m Perez says:

    Thank you Jesus Can help anyone if they would just allow him into their hearts first. God bless and may the Lord be with you all.

  13. Dede Morse says:

    This is my email address as you had asked me to verify. Yes it’s mine.

  14. Mark Perez says:

    This will be a true blessing. Thank you so much

  15. Karol Fondaw says:


  16. Caylynne says:

    I would like to request a shirt because I’d like to wear it to my church sometime. I haven’t been to my church in awhile because I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety but I’m ready to get out there and be with the people who care about me and to be with god. I’d appreciate it so much. Thank you. God bless.

  17. Tasha Harville says:

    Thank you!

  18. Thank you , and god bless you all.

  19. Roy Ethridge says:

    I would like to request a shirt for my daughter also. She does believe that Jesus existed and I see the Lord drawing her closer and I try to answer her questions, it’s only a matter of time til she opens her heart to Him. Thank you n have an awesome day.

  20. Rynda says:

    Thank you

  21. Marcey says:

    This is wonderful.

  22. Kevin Burnett says:

    Thank you

  23. Bailey Brade says:


  24. Ann Frausto says:

    Thank you so much ❤

  25. Keyona Mclaren says:

    God bless you

  26. Cheri K. Odom says:

    Thank you

  27. jennifer lorenz says:

    Thanks for the shirt I will wear it and be proud I chose to get saved

  28. Dave Andrews says:

    JESUS CHRIST is my all .I put him Frist myself and others 2nd.

  29. Asya Root says:

    Thank God for my life with Him! God is Awesome!

  30. Sveta says:

    God is hope

  31. Kaethe T. says:

    Keep praying for the strenght to overcome whatever the world throws at you, and always know you are not alone!

  32. Brandi L Summit says:

    Love it

  33. Lucette Tsen Liu says:

    My life is nothing without God and Jesus in it 24/7/365 days !

  34. Theresa Hall says:

    Jesus is the strength that gets me through everyday.

  35. Tricia Price says:

    God is Awesome

  36. Lori Swartz says:

    Can’t live a moment without Jesus

  37. Aimee Grosey says:

    I want to spread the word of Jesus! Thank you!

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