Send us a picture of you in an Awesome!!! Jesus t-shirt and we will post it on this page –

24 Responses to Pictures

  1. Israel Abraham says:

    I’ve read testimonies,shirt stories and seen the pictures and it has ignited a new fire of the Holy Ghost on me, it got me speaking in the Holy Ghost for some moment…i know if God permits we’ll see someday.

  2. Adria Bersie says:

    They are AWESOME!

  3. Awesome thank you guys God bless.

  4. Received my awesome t shirt
    thank you guys, God Bless

  5. Marylou Sakosky says:

    I was blessed with my Awesome shirt and a dog who loves it too..We scoot” all over and show everyone..I belong to a great family now..Besides Jesus,,i will never be alone ..Bless your hearts \0/

  6. Ricki Harris says:

    I’m asking for u guy’s to send my one year old lil baby boy one of your shirts please I’d love for him to have one since he was in my whom and got Saved with me!! Thanks so much please send a small

  7. Ricki Harris says:

    I recived my shirt in the mail yesterday & I love it I just sent a pic of me in it!! I’m a Christian & it feels Awesome to show it & just how truley I’m Blessed! Thx guy’s! I hope my shirt touches many others & I can help spread the Word of Great Faith!

  8. TAMMY LASETER says:

    Thank you for my shirt. I love it..

  9. Anita Morini says:

    I need to receive my shirt so I can be a part of the AWESOME pictures!!! EVERYBODY LOOKS AWESOME!!!

  10. Juma mpunji says:

    I have received t shirt. Be blessed

  11. Thank you soo much! My shirt is awesome! Amazingly Awesome!!!

  12. MICHAEL FAIR says:


  13. Nicole says:

    Waiting to see the pics from St John’s alpha group at hmp 🙂
    I think this is awesome

  14. Jenia says:

    Awesome! May God bless you.

  15. Anna says:

    I did not get your Awesome T-shirt…
    i am so upset…
    But I wish you well! I am proud to know you! You are very good person!

  16. Alex says:


  17. Anna says:


  18. Yana says:


  19. Zhanna says:


  20. Nikita says:


  21. Артем says:


  22. Renat says:


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