Testimony – Christina (Maryland) Catholic

I have believed in Jesus since I was young, and although there is a mix of religion between relatives in the family, I have stayed confident in my beliefs. Every night I will pray and every meal I will thank the Heavens for providing my meals. I give a prayer before bed thanking Him for providing me with such great and supportive people around me (my parents, best friends, professors, and s.o.). I believe that Jesus Christ is the reason that I am healthy, happy, and my parents are making money. If I had this shirt, I will be able to wear it proudly and share to my friends and classmates and everyone around me that He is the one keeping me on the right path and this is a representation of my love for Him. Thank you.

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Testimony – Ashley (Oklahoma) Christian

I was living a life of sin, drinking using drugs not living through Him. And one day I was homeless and walked into a church and in that moment I heard God speak to me.  From that moment, God became everything and I learned to let Him be in charge, to thank Him daily for giving me the opportunity to be alive and share Him with others who are lost.

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Testimony – Cameron (North Carolina) Methodist

I’m blessed because gods forgiven me and given me a million second chances that I didn’t deserve and I’m thankful for a love so unconditional. When I got saved I was doing all the wrong things and going to church made me feel like I had such a higher purpose. Now I’m not afraid to tell anyone how much I love god.
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Testimony – Kimberly (Ohio) Christian

My son was in a near drowning accident in march 2000.  I was told he would not live through the night.  He did!  Three days later after no change in his condition the Dr said there’s nothing more we can do.  He’s in Gods hands now.  I said OK he will be OK then. After 7 days and many, many prayers my son started to show signs of improvement.  He squeezed my hand so gently i wondered if i had truly felt it or just wanted to feel it.  But then he did it for the Dr.  Then he started trying to breathe on his own.  They had to give him drugs so he wouldn’t fight the vent.  During all this there were people praying for my son all over the country.  My sister had requested prayer for him on the internet…people in our hometown had requested prayer in every church…this baby was going to make it.  For as much faith as i had, i also had doubt and fear.  I begged God to please take me in his place.  He had just started life..only 8 yrs old.  Please let him live.  And he did…about a week later he finally came off the vent.  I finally left him long enough to go to Ronald McDonald house for much needed shower.  That’s when i was able to be alone and give thanks to the Lord for my sons life.  I got down on my knees and thanked Him telling Him i would happily take Jacob back however He would give him to me.  When i was done i got up and looked out the window…just standing there quietly looking at nothing really.  That’s when i felt a comforting hug..not a physical hug..just a hug and a strong feeling telling me that Jacob would be OK…its hard to explain. I was alone but i know i wasn’t truly alone.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I felt He was with me giving me comfort and telling me Jake would be OK.  And boy is he OK!!  Hes 25 now.  Works 6 days a week, drives, has a great girlfriend he’s going to marry!!!!  My son was named miracle boy on rehab unit..and he is a miracle.  He’s my gift from God.  Anytime i need a reminder of the power of faith i just need remember what he’s given me.  There’s so much more to this story that proves Jake is one of the Lords miracles…but its just too much!!  My son is alive and happy today thanks to the Good Lord.
Thank you so much, Kimberly

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Testimony – Roger (Ohio) Baptist

I was very lost for a time and was at my lowest when Satan had a hard grip on me. I was hearing and seeing evil things.  At first I was against God I wanted nothing to do with him. One night Dec. 26‘th, 2010 things got bad and then I knew that both I and my family needed Jesus in our lives.  I was the one that needed Jesus the most for I was the one lost the most.  I was stopping God from entering the lives of my family.  I accepted Jesus that night on the 26’th of Dec. 2010 and right to this day I know I need Jesus in our lives every second of every day.  Life is meaningless without the Lord Jesus in my “our” hearts. Thank-You, God Bless!

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Testimony – Rachel (Indiana) Christian

Every day is a brand new day to show others the love of Jesus.  It’s not about me or my story.  It’s about making sure that the whole world knows about the brilliant, beautiful, amazing love that our Lord has to offer.  If I can get one person to know that they are special, important, loved, beautiful, and favored, then my life will be so full!

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Testimony – Olivia (Tennessee) Christian

I was neck deep in sin and selling drugs when one day I was pulled over by state troopers. They searched the car and although I was prepared to do the federal time it could have cost me I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more that if God got me out of that situation I would stop selling drugs.  I was so deep in it I didn’t know how it would be possible but just like the children of Egypt He pulled me out with a mighty hand.  They found all the drugs and still let me and my best friend go.  Not even a week later I came to Memphis, TN to visit my dad and never sold drugs again.  I go back home to this day and pray and minister in the same streets and neighborhood that I once helped destroy and spread the good news.  Not only is it good that I can still walk freely in any neighborhood and around any group of people but they can also see the change in my life.  I am told often how proud I’ve made people for changing my life, and how they are grateful that I made it out alive.  So what has Jesus done for me?  He gave me a new life, encouraged me to live holy and to get baptized, and now I too can see the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven!

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