Testimony – Kelly (Virginia) Christian

I started drugs at age 12. I used for 32 years.  Ended up in prison with hep c and that is where I discovered just how real Jesus is.  He comforted me when I felt so alone.  He healed me from my sickness.  He made me feel whole when I felt at my lowest.  I have been in recovery since 2007.  My Lord sustains me and I know He is always with me!  I want a shirt to so that people will see and without a doubt Know Who it is changing me and giving me strength.  I want to be a living witness.  Thank-you.

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Testimony – Athena (California) Former Wican

Jesus saved me when I didn’t think I was worth saving.  I had been alone, seeing my immediate family perish one after another…it broke me deeply; deeper than the scars of my own.

I tried all the usual things, finding it didn’t fill the hole(s).  Years, I ignored the symptoms of sin because it was what everyone else did anyways…I thought I was still “doing me.”

When Christ came into my life, I watched as He broke some things off, and others He left me to choose Life for myself.  Now my weaknesses are not stumbling blocks, but opportunities to come closer to my Lord and Savior.

This wasn’t just some myth or girly fantasy.  The Jesus of the bible was, and is, and will always be real.

I do not feel alive unless I’m discussing about my salvation, or being alone, alone w God. He surprises me even when I barely have enough faith…and He is always consistent.

This world hurts. It hurts because of sin.  For too long, the world has accepted the lie vs the life.

If all I do is sing and dance, the world will know I serve the Living God.

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Testimony – Whitney (West Virginia) Searching for Faith

I actually heard about this through my sister who is completely devoted to Jesus Christ. I have never been into religion, though I’ve been to many churches. I feel that I have a hole that cannot be filled, and she keeps telling me to let him in, and that will all go away. Maybe I’m just stubborn, I’m not sure.  But I reach out (not just for the awesome goodie) but because I wish to believe as strongly as she does, and to hear others stories.

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Testimony – Katrina (West Virginia) Child of God

My father molested me when I was 6 years old.  I was scared to tell anyone because my father always threatened me that if I told he would kill me.  I told my mom when I was 11 years old.  She got mad but never did anything legal about it.  I was so scarred.  Today I’m 28.  I’m still scarred i’m on heavy ptsd meds and antidepressant.  I gave my heart to god on thanksgiving day 2015 and I received speaking in tongues the very next day.  3 years later, summer of 2018, I’m in church with my mom and husband.  We didn’t tell anyone I was molested.  A woman Genie turned around and looked at my mom and outta the blue said to my mom; your daughter was molested by her father wasn’t she.  My moms mouth hit the floor because no one else knew that.  Later I go up for prayer and Tracey walked over to me and she started speaking in tongues and she held me tight and god said to me…I will not let him hurt you anymore; god said he is tired of seeing me hurting all the time it breaks His heart seeing me cry and having so much pain in my heart.  God said He is putting up a wall between me and my father and sisters, the wall is for anyone that has ever hurt me and with this wall those who hurt me will never be able to hurt me again.  God said through Tracey that He will take care of my father, He will deal with what he has done to me.  And god asked me through Tracey, He said let Me be your father, let Me be your dad, god said I know you’re scared of men but please don’t be afraid of me.  I will never hurt you.  After church as I was going home, I kept crying and the words that god said to me kept racing threw my mind.  When I got home I dropped to my knees screaming and crying thanking god for what He did for me.  I believed full heartily that god was going to take care of everything.  November 2018 I get a text from my cousin saying my dad has cancer.  I call my dad and see if it’s true and it is.  He has stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his bones and lymph nodes.  He has 2 years to live.  My mom said god didn’t allow this to happen, god took his hand off my dad long enough for him to get cancer.  I have forgiven my father for what he’s done I love him very much.  I’m even going to his house this Christmas.  And the best part is I’m off the antidepressant and ptsd meds.  I don’t need them anymore, god healed me of all my pain and suffering.  I thank god everyday for helping me.

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Testimony – Karie (Illinois) Christian

God made me well again and it was much less painful than it could have been.  I detoxed the filth from my body.  I cleared away the inner stains the devil used to try taking full advantage of my soul.  It will be a year, December 2018.  I had been bed ridden for 2 weeks.  I talked Father’s ear off.  I cried to him.  I laughed with him.  I told him about all obstacles I endured as I grew, but he already knew.  Father is a great listener, anytime, about anything, anywhere.  I do not just believe, but I know that the good Lord comforted and guided me through the whole process.  I wish I could put how I felt into words that others would understand and truly believe me.  Only for the sake of their souls and for what’s to come.  Some may think I’m talking crazy, well shame on them to doubt the one who gave us life and everything received since.  I will never understand why anyone would want to fight against or turn their back on someone and something that is pure goodness. It’s like they are saying, “no thank you, I don’t want Heaven, I choose Hell”.  God is Good! Good is pure!  Ok ok, see…. I have so much to say but I’m not sure how many words this box will take.  But since detox and having some quality time with Father, my life has changed for the better and in so many ways.  Now I pass on these blessings by working with my patients to help better their health so that they too have the happiness that I have and I pray they choose the correct path, and that’s living to serve our Father, bettering themselves, and of course pay it forward.

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Testimony – Kris (Missouri) Presbyterian

I swerved to miss a dog while driving for a pack of cigarettes and a pint of vodka resulting in a bad car accident a few years back and should have been killed.  There happened to be a volunteer firefighter driving behind me when I went off the road.  He pulled me out of the car then dragged me to safety before my car exploded and was engulfed in flames.  I believe that it was a miracle I survived that night.  I have since accepted Jesus Christ into my heart (as well as quit smoking and drinking) and now spend my free time handing out Bible tracts and other Christian materials witnessing to members of my community and the surrounding areas.

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Testimony – Montana (Florida) Christian

When I was diagnosed with cancer at 15, people often told me they were praying for me.  At the time I was agnostic, but as the situation began to get more stressful, I finally started praying.  I beat it around five months later, while still 15.  I was diagnosed again with the same kind of cancer a month after turning 17 and was able to cope with it a lot better after finding Jesus.  I’m still battling it, and turn 18 soon.  I have a lot of faith now, and am not nearly as scared as I was when I was 15.

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