Testimony – Jennifer (Texas) Baptist

I was saved at Camp Copass when I was 9 years old, a week later baptized by water at my family’s church at home.  Shortly after that, I began sharing His good news (and mine now. lol) from north Texas to Austin and Corpus, then all the way to Florida–both coasts, with anyone who was having a bad day. (Starting first with children, but not limiting my conversation to them.)
It made me feel free, responsible, and like one of God’s super heroes.
I turned 44 years old this week, and not much has changed about that part of it.
I was homeless for a year or more, but because of Jesus, I knew that it wasn’t because of something wrong I had necessarily done, but because that was His place for me at the time. Jesus is the reason for the season–no matter what.
I am a representative of Christ, I am his child, I belong to him–and no one else. Whether we are in the end of times, or the beginning, we are here to love and we are instructed to encourage and lift one another in obedience and gratitude for our Father.  This is a gift, not an obligation.  I like sharing this Agape with my brothers and sisters that yearn for knowledge and outer confirmation of his existence, and his love for all of us.
I believe wearing this shirt would simply give a person a Green Light to ask me what it means, what it means to me, how they could get one, any thing and any way they might learn more about Jesus’ love for them, me, you/ us.  It’s my birth right.  God said so.

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Testimony – Heather (Canada) Mormon

I was a practicing Christian and belonged to the LDS Church but after my divorce, I was shunned and I really haven’t gone back and I haven’t been interested in any other gathering.  My faith and my relationship with God is something somebody else has no say or judgement over.  Me and my god have our own set of rules and commandments that I follow in my daily living and I’m comfortable to say that I’m A-okay now and in the after life.  Thank you for asking and I hope you take this message as positive because I’m happy!

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Testimony – Brittany (Alabama) Christian

My testimony is that God is good.  In 2014 I was rushed to the E.R. my appendix had ruptured and I was bleeding out.  A man I hated my whole childhood (my step-father) was my only option to get there.  When I arrived I found out he had saved my life.  I had ovarian cancer and my left tube and ovary had shut down from infection. I also had a 2 1/2 pound tumor and 2 golf ball sized cysts.  I was told when I was pulled out of my 2nd surgery that I would not be able to have children anymore.  I prayed for a little girl my whole life and wouldn’t have her.  Almost a year later I got pregnant and I was raped.  I carried a healthy beautiful baby girl to term. My remaining tube was closed.  But I now have two beautiful children.  In 2017 God blessed me again.  I fell into depression and relapsed and had an allergic reaction that sent me to the hospital 3 times and swelled my face up recognizable.  I could not eat solid food for almost a month and it took me almost a year to be normal.  I would not feel safe anywhere.  Today, I am good.  I am humbled by life and I feel like some of the things I have gone through, others would not have made it out of.  I watch these shows on TV and I see the pain and its empathetic to me, but more so, look what my God brought me through.  As I am blessed to be here every extra moment with my children, my Father has made it so.  I am witness to many miracles in my life, many answered prayers and much hope. He hears!

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Testimony – Seetal (California) Baptist

I grew up in the church, so I am very blessed in that aspect.  I’d like to share a story about my 8 yr old son though… He has such a compassionate heart and would give someone the shirt off his back if he thought it would help them.  He has always been willing to help those around him, and been bullied because of it by some of his peers.. and with his amazing heart, rather then change, he has prayed for the bullies.
Meting new people around town and on the bus, he has stopped what he is doing to pray for people.  Never worrying about where we were, or others around him.  Or without being asked to by me, or anyone else for that matter.  I’ve lost count of the times he’d be talking to someone on the bus, and ask the person if he could pray for them.
My son himself is in chronic pain, and has a tumor that has been deemed “inoperable”, but aside from those close to the family, he always tries to put on a happy face, and doesn’t ask for much for himself.
He loves to read the Bible, and regularly asks questions. It has been incredible to watch him grow in his walk with Christ as he learns more and grows in faith.
I know he is young.. I mean he is only 8 yrs old. But for being so young, he never ceases to amaze me.  He has an amazing heart that shows the love of God so often.  I feel blessed to be his mother.  Despite my short comings, he continues to grow into a wonderful young man of God.

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Testimony – Heather (Georgia) Baptist

I had a really bad childhood and teenager years.  I got hooked on drugs from an early age, lived in the streets, and every time I would think I got myself together I would fall right back into the life style.  I have been raped 2 times, beat, locked in rooms chained to a bed for weeks.  It has taken 20 years to get right and it is all The Good Lord’s Doing.  He saved me from myself.  Now I help others who have had a childhood like I did and all.  I do have 3 daughters, Amazing Daughters.  And they help me as well.  A lot of really horrible things have happened to me, I use to blame God for it all, but it wasn’t His fault.  We are supposed to be a maximum service to God and our fellows, and we all have a purpose in life.  And my purpose is to help others, and if I had never experienced any of those horrible things then I wouldn’t be able to help anyone in the same situations.  And if my story helps at least one person then I’ve fulfilled my purpose.
Thank You and God Bless

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Testimony – Sheila (Texas) Baptist

When I was 22, after my grandparents and my mom died, I reached out to my estranged father.  His son called me back and told me he said he was not my dad.  I started drinking and doing drugs heavily for years until one day a crack dealers mom told me that I was too pretty to smoke crack and that God loved me!  I laid down the drugs and alcohol and went back to school.  I now have a college degree and am an advocate for animals and missing children!  By the grace of God I am off the streets and back in church.  Praise the Lord!

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Testimony – Larry (California) Christian

I grew up in a Christian home. Went to private school but I found my own faith when I went to YWAM in Australia and that changed my life as a 19 year old and I grew so close to God and had amazing experiences helping and reaching out to people.  And I gave my shirt off my back to a homeless man and a bible and a friend and I prayed with him and he became a Christian that night and it felt so good to help people.

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