Awesome T-Shirts – Final Post (May 5, 2020)

This will be our final post from the Awesome t-shirts website.  This project has been going since July 2013.  This shirt was created when after surrendering my life to Jesus Christ and God had come in so powerfully to save my whole family, I was struggling with the thought of how to evangelize to people.  To be completely honest, I didn’t want to evangelize to people because of my pride.  While praying about this, God showed me this shirt and I thought, Yikes that is pretty bold.  Then he showed me the back of the shirt and the shirt became even bolder.  There would be no way to hide the fact that I was a Christian wearing a shirt like this.  This made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt God saying to me, “don’t worry, you just put the shirt on and I’ll do the rest”.   That response within my spirit made me feel very comfortable about the idea of this shirt.

Seven years later, this shirt is in 107 countries around the world and all 50 united states.  More than 5,000 shirts have been freely given away to date.  This website has more than 2,000 followers who will be receiving this final post.

So why end it now?  Last Sunday I was in a little church in McKinney Texas that dared to be one of the first churches in Texas to open back up since the Coronavirus quarantine began.  Surprisingly enough they were teaching on end-times.    God made sure my family and I would be there to give them all Awesome t-shirts so that they would remember the day they came back to church out of quarantine.  What I felt God tell me that day was that it was end times for the Awesome t-shirt project.  At first that thought was a bit unsettling for me but then I saw what a truly great time He had chosen to end this project and a wonderful peace descended upon me.

This shirt has always been a free gift symbolic of the free gift of salvation but even that gift isn’t available forever.  If you are one of the lucky 5,000+ who has received this shirt then continue to walk boldly in your faith.  If you are one of the many who requested a shirt but did not receive one then continue to walk boldly in your faith.  If you are someone that has yet to go all in for Jesus then do it now because apparently this is a limited time offer.  Blessings…

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Testimony – Chelsea (Florida) Christian

I was told at 19 I had two years to have a child or I wouldn’t be able to have kids because I was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  I got pregnant with a son, his name is Nathaniel James which means gift from God.

After the second surgery, I was told I’d loose my hair and my ovaries would stop working due to chemo.  I told the doctor if God wants me to have hair then I will and if not I won’t.  If He wants me to have more children then god has the final say so.  I never lost my hair and I got pregnant with a baby girl last Feb.  Two years after my third surgery I named her Havanna Grace, she was due Nov 8 2019 and she decided to come October 16 2019.  Her name means born in a dwelling place of God and angels the upmost beauty and happiness. At my first pregnancy appointment I was told to terminate the pregnancy or she will have no mom because my health.  I told them God wanted me to have her and he will not take me from her.  I did a scan and the cancer still is not back.  7 months pregnant I was told she has a large hole in her heart and possibly down syndrome.  She was born 5 pounds 3 ounces, she tested positive for down syndrome and she has to have surgery at 4 months old.  She did not have to go to NICU, she is three months old and over 9 pounds.  And is very happy.  She just failed her left hearing test as well and now we have to go to Orlando for diagnoses test.  But she is doing very well for a baby with heart failure.  She is a miracle from God and I was not supposed to have children according to my doctor.

He said I’m a walking miracle and he’s shocked I even had one child and shocked I have another.  When he did my first surgery he said there was layers after layers of cancer.  Not one doctor had a dry eye.  I was told I could have died since she was three years old and I’m still living today with no pain.  I believe God will touch my daughter.  When I sing Jesus is coming soon, she has a huge smile.  My testimony is a lot bigger then this . I can go on and on all night .🙏😇 I’ve also heard God’s audible voice three times and felt His presence more than once.  His warmth going through my whole body ..

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Testimony – Delaney (North Carolina) Christian

I became a christian at fifteen. I was actually baptized on my sixteenth birthday! As a fifteen year old, I was still very young. I did not live a rebellious life, but I had a hard time understanding what God really wanted from me. I was brought out of that phase very recently after my mom was diagnosed with cancer. God turned that curse into a blessing for our entire family, and it strengthened my relationship with God even more. She is now cancer free because of the great faith she has had. Through this trial, he has taught me so much about the power of healing, that he not only CAN heal, but he WILL heal! I now have a passion for speaking to others about his power of healing, and I hope to use my resources as to what outlet I can actually talk to people about this. I am a college student which I have found is a very challenging time where many other students struggle with their faith. I would love to help others gain wisdom from God in terms of healing, especially to people my age who are struggling to build a relationship with Him.
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Testimony – Alicia (Ohio) Assembly of God

I am a child of God.  I have been in recovery for substance abuse since 2013.  I have been substance free since 2015.  Through the power of Christ I have been blessed to meet new friends He put on my path.  I have recognized character defects and work through those daily.  I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me and want to love others like Jesus did.  I get to work with those struggling with addiction and share my story.  I never saw this as my career.  It all happened by Gods Will.

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Testimony – Charlene (New York) Christian

7 years ago, there was a horrible accident in which my husband accidentally shot me through my right knee with a 30/30 lever action rifle.  Again…it was a horrible accident. Not intentional at all.  After the gun went off, my husband ran over, tied a tourniquet as tight as he could on my upper thigh, called 911 and prayed.  We both prayed.  Even though I was screaming in unbelievable and unbearable pain.  Not only were the orthopedic trauma surgeons able to save my life…they somehow saved my leg as well.  I had massive bone loss, 5 plates and 30 screws, fake bone, eventual bone grafts, severed nerves and a dropped foot, etc.  I was on crutches for an entire year and then had to learn all over how to walk again.  My knee now only bends about 30 degrees on a good day.  There are many things that I cannot do that I could before.  This happened when I was 32, a young vibrant woman with tons of life and energy!  I spent only three weeks in the hospital…the doctors predicted I would be there for months.  But I was determined.  And I was full of love and forgiveness in spite of everything.  I had forgiven my husband the moment it happened.  I didn’t want him to beat himself up.  Nothing could change the past.  I only had control over how I handled my future.  There was a peacefulness and calmness that came over me those weeks I lay in the hospital.  I knew that I was going to be okay.  I knew that I was being given a second chance at life.  I knew that God was with me all the way no matter what.  And this was something I hadn’t believed in years.

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Testimony – Heather (Canada) Christian

I was married 3 years and all of a sudden my husband assaulted me…i prayed and prayed that god would help me through this and He did…giving me a new outlook on life..getting me back to “Heather” and also getting me back to the Lord.  I’m baking and giving all my baking to the seniors in my town putting a smile on their faces and a smile in MY heart..praying that God gives me the the strength to move forward…god gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers…i’m disabled..and God gives me the strength and the LOVE to help others making me a better person..gods not dead..he’s alive in all of us!

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Testimony – Donna (California) Christian

Jesus IS Enough for me! He IS healing me from a Stroke & as I reach out to people, my testimony Daily encourages Them. My Gift from Holy Spirit is… encourage! I have applied Before & I will continue Until………..I am Blessed with an Awesome Shirt!

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Testimony – Chrystal (Tennessee) Christian

Jesus is amazing.  I have a wonderful testimony.  My now husband had a traumatic car accident that left him without oxygen for 2 hrs and his hospital release papers said he was never to survive the flight to the hospital.  They said if he did he wouldn’t live over night. Well that was three yrs ago and this March we were married.  If you meet him you would not believe he has the worst brain injury that you can have and only by Gods amazing grace did he live to tell his story. #atruebelieverinChrist

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Testimony – S. (Texas) Christian

As a foster child I experienced the ways of many denominations.  Earlier today I was telling how this instilled a string faith in me when I was young.  The one thing I could count on was my faith in Jesus.  Today, I’m a painter, I love wearing white shirts that advertise for Jesus.  They fit my uniform but still give a bit of a good conversation starter, as most of my clients are Christians met through church contacts, and I love to wear things like this.  It’s also an icebreaker, and allows me to testify to the amazing things my faith has shown me.  Jesus has been by my side as that foster child, as a lost homeless youth, and now as a committed Christian father.

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Testimony – Jennifer (Texas) Baptist

I was saved at Camp Copass when I was 9 years old, a week later baptized by water at my family’s church at home.  Shortly after that, I began sharing His good news (and mine now. lol) from north Texas to Austin and Corpus, then all the way to Florida–both coasts, with anyone who was having a bad day. (Starting first with children, but not limiting my conversation to them.)
It made me feel free, responsible, and like one of God’s super heroes.
I turned 44 years old this week, and not much has changed about that part of it.
I was homeless for a year or more, but because of Jesus, I knew that it wasn’t because of something wrong I had necessarily done, but because that was His place for me at the time. Jesus is the reason for the season–no matter what.
I am a representative of Christ, I am his child, I belong to him–and no one else. Whether we are in the end of times, or the beginning, we are here to love and we are instructed to encourage and lift one another in obedience and gratitude for our Father.  This is a gift, not an obligation.  I like sharing this Agape with my brothers and sisters that yearn for knowledge and outer confirmation of his existence, and his love for all of us.
I believe wearing this shirt would simply give a person a Green Light to ask me what it means, what it means to me, how they could get one, any thing and any way they might learn more about Jesus’ love for them, me, you/ us.  It’s my birth right.  God said so.

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