Psalm 111 – “…awesome is his name.”

Luke 12:8 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.”

(For Russian Readers…Для русского читателя)

This shirt has come about through guided paths of faith.  It boldly proclaims ones love for Jesus Christ in a secular world that has become comfortable with suppressing true expressions of faith and love.  Its purpose is to “Provide a light so that the body of Christ becomes visible for all to see.”

This shirt cannot be purchased.  It is a free gift symbolic of the free gift of salvation that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ.  Each shirt is individually prayed upon before anyone receives it.  Salvation comes with an obligation to be transformed both inwardly and outwardly through the freedom that it provides (Romans 12) as well as to share the good news with others.

This shirt originated in Newark, CA. in December 2011 and now has owners in all 50 US states and 107 countries/territories worldwide.  We wonder where else this shirt will go in the future and if it has a purpose beyond what we can possibly imagine.

Questions: How will God lead you while wearing this t-shirt?  Who will see you and engage you?  Will your faith be affected?  How will you affect others?  Only you and Jesus will know the answers to these questions.

Bigger Questions – If Christians could somehow agree, as a body, to wear a shirt like this in honor of their faith and love for Jesus, could today’s world be impacted?  Would you be willing to join other Christians in allowing the Holy Spirit to do God’s will through a simple idea and a single T-Shirt?

This shirt is for anyone who loves the Lord to wear whenever they are moved to do so.  This shirt will challenge you to bring your faith out in the open for others to see.  This shirt is just a shirt which came about by interesting spiritual means.

Salvation is free but it is not cheap.  Our mission is to supply shirts and pocket books of the gospel of John to anyone who humbly requests a shirt via our website.  We invite you to follow this story as it grows.  See the pictures people are sending us.  Read the stories of experiences being shared and donate to this cause if the Spirit moves you to do so.  All of this can be done via this website.  Have an Awesome!!! day

14 Responses to About

  1. Maria Kidd says:

    I would love a t-shirt for me and my friend if possible. He was broken into and he had too defend himself by hitting one of the three people that broke in and he’s feeling very low but he knew Jesus was with him!
    I think it would help him get over it.
    Thank you

  2. I would like a free shirt

  3. thomasakl says:

    Most of the posts are old do you still give out shirts I certainly hope so I would love to have one thank you

  4. Tiffany Lynanne Belden says:

    I would proudly wear this t-shirt. I was saved over 10 years ago but I wasn’t aware that there was a journey to have a relationship with my loving Father until July 29, 2018. I started Our Savior’s Church that day and never looked back. I chose to live my life in joy because of who I am thru Christ. This month, I will lead my first small group. I would be proud to wear this to my fellowship meetings. I could not do what I do without my Lord.

  5. Linda J Harnish says:

    I love our Lord Jesus, so thankful he saved me and delivered me, that you for spreading the good news

  6. Linda J Harnish says:

    I came to get a free T – Shirt, but not sure how I can get one

  7. Sandra Reynolds says:

    Thank you for your love and kindness. My 10 yr. old grandson is getting baptised Sunday. He lost his little 1 yr. old brother in July. I thank God for helping him and his mother get through this, and I thank God that he gave his life to the LORD so early. He can use his youth witnessing for the Lord.

  8. ladysyn113 says:

    Since rediscovering my faith and even before than I have been a servant of Christ ( I just wasn’t aware that He was moving through me).I have been serving my community for the past years and have become an associate of St.Francis of Assissi at our local parish.My fellow members follow Francis’ example and listen to the Holy Spirit.We listen and follow each in our own way.

  9. Since I have rediscovered my faith and even before than- I am a servant of Christ-i go where I am needed in my community usually helping at one of the food pantries.I and others in my parish follow the spirit of St.Francis.We listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us and follow..

  10. maria Hodge says:

    I’m a child of God, he says go all over the world and spread the gospel. That’s what are mission is to do. There are too many lost souls in this world, we’re are a light in the darkness.

  11. kimbra moore says:

    would love to gift my special needs adopted nephew with this tee shirt. . . his mother died unexpectedly and as his second adopted mom all his life . . . im amazed to see the miracles Father God has given through the years. . . Dustin knows CHRIST JESUS personally and against all odds continues to confound and encourage the medical community as well as all he encounters. . . he can recite and understands much of the Bible and relies on these scriptures to help through many difficult situations. . . ITS UNBELIEVABLE !!!THANK U AND MANY BLESSINGS TO ALL. . . THRU CHRIST JESUS

  12. Maria Kidd says:

    Thank you for bringing this great idea of spreading the godspell throughout the world. I would like to help bring more t-shirts to the world

  13. Lisa Eklund says:

    Thank you so much for spreading the word. God is everywhere and he’s been helping me with my journey here on earth. I will wear the shirt and spread the word of God,and to always be kind.

  14. Nadiya says:

    I’m so thankful! May the God be with you.
    This shirt will be as a reminder that God is with us. I wear it in the church and when I have speech. You are blessed.

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