Awesome T-Shirts – Final Post (May 5, 2020)

This will be our final post from the Awesome t-shirts website.  This project has been going since July 2013.  This shirt was created when after surrendering my life to Jesus Christ and God had come in so powerfully to save my whole family, I was struggling with the thought of how to evangelize to people.  To be completely honest, I didn’t want to evangelize to people because of my pride.  While praying about this, God showed me this shirt and I thought, Yikes that is pretty bold.  Then he showed me the back of the shirt and the shirt became even bolder.  There would be no way to hide the fact that I was a Christian wearing a shirt like this.  This made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt God saying to me, “don’t worry, you just put the shirt on and I’ll do the rest”.   That response within my spirit made me feel very comfortable about the idea of this shirt.

Seven years later, this shirt is in 107 countries around the world and all 50 united states.  More than 5,000 shirts have been freely given away to date.  This website has more than 2,000 followers who will be receiving this final post.

So why end it now?  Last Sunday I was in a little church in McKinney Texas that dared to be one of the first churches in Texas to open back up since the Coronavirus quarantine began.  Surprisingly enough they were teaching on end-times.    God made sure my family and I would be there to give them all Awesome t-shirts so that they would remember the day they came back to church out of quarantine.  What I felt God tell me that day was that it was end times for the Awesome t-shirt project.  At first that thought was a bit unsettling for me but then I saw what a truly great time He had chosen to end this project and a wonderful peace descended upon me.

This shirt has always been a free gift symbolic of the free gift of salvation but even that gift isn’t available forever.  If you are one of the lucky 5,000+ who has received this shirt then continue to walk boldly in your faith.  If you are one of the many who requested a shirt but did not receive one then continue to walk boldly in your faith.  If you are someone that has yet to go all in for Jesus then do it now because apparently this is a limited time offer.  Blessings…

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1 Response to Awesome T-Shirts – Final Post (May 5, 2020)

  1. John M Lund says:

    I saw a sticker this morning that said, It’s hell without Jesus.

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