Testimony – Chelsea (Florida) Christian

I was told at 19 I had two years to have a child or I wouldn’t be able to have kids because I was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  I got pregnant with a son, his name is Nathaniel James which means gift from God.

After the second surgery, I was told I’d loose my hair and my ovaries would stop working due to chemo.  I told the doctor if God wants me to have hair then I will and if not I won’t.  If He wants me to have more children then god has the final say so.  I never lost my hair and I got pregnant with a baby girl last Feb.  Two years after my third surgery I named her Havanna Grace, she was due Nov 8 2019 and she decided to come October 16 2019.  Her name means born in a dwelling place of God and angels the upmost beauty and happiness. At my first pregnancy appointment I was told to terminate the pregnancy or she will have no mom because my health.  I told them God wanted me to have her and he will not take me from her.  I did a scan and the cancer still is not back.  7 months pregnant I was told she has a large hole in her heart and possibly down syndrome.  She was born 5 pounds 3 ounces, she tested positive for down syndrome and she has to have surgery at 4 months old.  She did not have to go to NICU, she is three months old and over 9 pounds.  And is very happy.  She just failed her left hearing test as well and now we have to go to Orlando for diagnoses test.  But she is doing very well for a baby with heart failure.  She is a miracle from God and I was not supposed to have children according to my doctor.

He said I’m a walking miracle and he’s shocked I even had one child and shocked I have another.  When he did my first surgery he said there was layers after layers of cancer.  Not one doctor had a dry eye.  I was told I could have died since she was three years old and I’m still living today with no pain.  I believe God will touch my daughter.  When I sing Jesus is coming soon, she has a huge smile.  My testimony is a lot bigger then this . I can go on and on all night .🙏😇 I’ve also heard God’s audible voice three times and felt His presence more than once.  His warmth going through my whole body ..

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