Testimony – Charlene (New York) Christian

7 years ago, there was a horrible accident in which my husband accidentally shot me through my right knee with a 30/30 lever action rifle.  Again…it was a horrible accident. Not intentional at all.  After the gun went off, my husband ran over, tied a tourniquet as tight as he could on my upper thigh, called 911 and prayed.  We both prayed.  Even though I was screaming in unbelievable and unbearable pain.  Not only were the orthopedic trauma surgeons able to save my life…they somehow saved my leg as well.  I had massive bone loss, 5 plates and 30 screws, fake bone, eventual bone grafts, severed nerves and a dropped foot, etc.  I was on crutches for an entire year and then had to learn all over how to walk again.  My knee now only bends about 30 degrees on a good day.  There are many things that I cannot do that I could before.  This happened when I was 32, a young vibrant woman with tons of life and energy!  I spent only three weeks in the hospital…the doctors predicted I would be there for months.  But I was determined.  And I was full of love and forgiveness in spite of everything.  I had forgiven my husband the moment it happened.  I didn’t want him to beat himself up.  Nothing could change the past.  I only had control over how I handled my future.  There was a peacefulness and calmness that came over me those weeks I lay in the hospital.  I knew that I was going to be okay.  I knew that I was being given a second chance at life.  I knew that God was with me all the way no matter what.  And this was something I hadn’t believed in years.

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