Testimony – Heather (Georgia) Baptist

I had a really bad childhood and teenager years.  I got hooked on drugs from an early age, lived in the streets, and every time I would think I got myself together I would fall right back into the life style.  I have been raped 2 times, beat, locked in rooms chained to a bed for weeks.  It has taken 20 years to get right and it is all The Good Lord’s Doing.  He saved me from myself.  Now I help others who have had a childhood like I did and all.  I do have 3 daughters, Amazing Daughters.  And they help me as well.  A lot of really horrible things have happened to me, I use to blame God for it all, but it wasn’t His fault.  We are supposed to be a maximum service to God and our fellows, and we all have a purpose in life.  And my purpose is to help others, and if I had never experienced any of those horrible things then I wouldn’t be able to help anyone in the same situations.  And if my story helps at least one person then I’ve fulfilled my purpose.
Thank You and God Bless

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  1. Ronald Scadina says:

    That’s really sweet!

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