Testimony – Allison (Texas) Baptist

I started hemorrhaging bad and went to the ER but found no help; really all they could tell me was I had a mass of some sort and needed to see a specialist.  I then proceeded to go to another ER  who just left me in a room for about eight to ten hours so I left.  Then I was getting ready to go to another ER when I got my income tax and was preparing myself for the worse by buying items such as pads and panties and general recovery things for a major surgery.  As I was on my little wheel chair shopping cart an older lady comes up to me out of the blue and tells me that she knows there is something wrong and asked if I believed in our savior Jesus Christ.  I told her oh yes He’s definitely helped me out with everything I had been going threw and blessed me time and time again, so she asked if she could pray for me.  Of course I said yes definitely, so as she was praying she asked our Lord and savior not just to heal me and help me threw recovery but for this severe mass just to be gone and then told me that it could happen.  Our Lord can do anything we ask if we really believe and pray for it.  Then she told me her name was Jenny and that she wasn’t from the area but never told me where she was from so I hugged her and told her thank you and to please keep the prayers going that evening because I was going to the next ER.   I went to Greenville that night and they immediately came in and gave me something for the pain and nausea.  Then examined me and drew blood.  The Dr said he saw no mass just some blistering and all my blood work came back excellent but of course referred me to a specialist.  The next week I went to the specialist and all I had was a small cyst that she removed right in her office.  I never felt any pain and was back on my feet as soon às I got home.   I believe in my heart God sends his special ones to help people in need.  One last thing, me and my husband have been together for fourteen years and never had a child together.  Well now the Dr told me and him we’re able to have children so now we are just praying we get our special little angel soon.  Thank You for letting me share my testimony

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1 Response to Testimony – Allison (Texas) Baptist

  1. God is always right one time
    Angels come into our lives just to remind us God is real. I pray you have the bundle of joy you seek. Be blessed.

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