Testimony – Chasity (Indiana) Christian

I have been clean since November 2017 when I tried to kill myself on Xanax after my mother had died in a car crash and my two siblings were both locked up in prison and I felt so alone!  My drug addiction got worse then I tried to end my life after I was diagnosed with severe Cronin’s disease and after a year of 5 bleeding ulcers and 11 hospital stays in 1 yr, and this is all after a 3 yr fight for disability.  So I thought I reached my end.  God had other plans for me.  Here I am 1 and half yes later and both my brothers are out of prison and all three of us are clean and working a addiction program and praying and thanking God everyday for all we have.  I as well did get my disability 4 months after my suicide attempt and my 2 wk stay at the mental hospital.  That was the best two weeks ever!!!  It saved my life cause I gave it all to my God.

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1 Response to Testimony – Chasity (Indiana) Christian

  1. Chasity Sours says:

    Feels so freeing to have posted my testimony yesterday. I just exhaled 😆

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