Testimony – Rachel (Georgia) Baptist

Jesus was there for me during a rough time in my life.  First, my grandpa died.  Then my uncle died.  Then my aunt died.  I was heartbroken.  I also had developed depression and was scared every year that I’d lose someone else.  I tried to use prayer to keep them alive. Then, one night while I was praying, Jesus came to me and said the Lord wasn’t trying to hurt me or my family for taking my relatives home.  He knows what He is doing.  Jesus asked me to remember my grandpa’s funeral.  I recalled everyone sharing how he impacted their lives for the better.  And I soon remembered that the same happened for my aunt and uncle.  He said just as they were born at the right time, they died at the right time.  They were all sickly before they died.  The Lord decided He would let them suffer no more and brought them to His Kingdom.  Now they are healthy and immortal.  Jesus helped me realize that I need not fear death but celebrate life while it lasts.  I still pray for my family and their safety, but not out of fear.  I want to wear this shirt to remember that life is awesome and it’s all because the Lord sacrificed his only son to die for our sins so that despite crime, hatred, and other things the devil placed inside of people to make it so we can’t celebrate the good in life.  Because while sin is in us, Jesus is in our hearts so we can be way kinder than the devil would like.

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