Testimony – Kim (Ohio) Non-denominational Christian

In 2012, I was rushed to the hospital with severe pains in stomach and back.  The doctors did an emergency surgery for kidney stones.  During surgery, I aspirated and went into a coma.  Tubes were put down my throat and I was placed into the ICU.  I was in a coma for days and would not respond.  They discovered I had SARS which is a deadly disease that attacks the organs.  My liver and kidneys were shutting down and a infectious disease doctor was called in.  While in a coma, I was unresponsive yet I felt someone sit at my bedside.  The voice said wake up and I opened my eyes yet no one was there.  At that point I knew it was Jesus.  The nurse rushed in to the room and called the doctor.  They said my vital signs were normal and I was responding.  Jesus brought me back

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