Testimony – Sara (Minnesota) Christian

I attended Church, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and got confirmed at age 12/13. After I turned 17, graduated high school and moved away from home, I stopped going to Church and went in a different direction and hanging with the wrong crowd. After I got married and had our daughter I began to think of the past and the bad choices I made. When our daughter was born we had her baptized. But still did not attend church on a regular or yearly basis, only for funerals and weddings. Our neighbor across the street was the pastor at the Lutheran Church just across from our home. His daughters invited mine to church one Sunday then to VBS, she liked going but didn’t quite fit in with some of the other kids so after a few months stopped going. That fall we had new neighbors move in the parsonage across the street, a very dear elder couple. The husband used to be a pastor until an accident occurred and then he was stricken with cancer and dementia and within a year passed. My daughter who was around 10 at the time would always go over and visit with his wife, soon they became close and she invited my daughter to her church, which was a non-denominational church called the Church of Christ. My daughter attended regularly. After a few years she began asking for me to go. I went a few times but not often. I am proud to say because of my daughter and our widowed neighbor within the last 1 1/2 yrs I started to attend more regularly with my daughter and had remembered how I had taken for granted how God has blessed me/us with a wonderful family, neighbors, and friends. Without them I don’t think I would have gone back to attending church like I used to when I was younger and praise God and give him the thanks he so much deserves for sacrificing himself and forgiving us for our sins and accepting us for who we are. He is my biggest inspiration in life and deserve to be shared with everyone possible.

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