Testimony – Athena (California) Former Wican

Jesus saved me when I didn’t think I was worth saving.  I had been alone, seeing my immediate family perish one after another…it broke me deeply; deeper than the scars of my own.

I tried all the usual things, finding it didn’t fill the hole(s).  Years, I ignored the symptoms of sin because it was what everyone else did anyways…I thought I was still “doing me.”

When Christ came into my life, I watched as He broke some things off, and others He left me to choose Life for myself.  Now my weaknesses are not stumbling blocks, but opportunities to come closer to my Lord and Savior.

This wasn’t just some myth or girly fantasy.  The Jesus of the bible was, and is, and will always be real.

I do not feel alive unless I’m discussing about my salvation, or being alone, alone w God. He surprises me even when I barely have enough faith…and He is always consistent.

This world hurts. It hurts because of sin.  For too long, the world has accepted the lie vs the life.

If all I do is sing and dance, the world will know I serve the Living God.

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1 Response to Testimony – Athena (California) Former Wican

  1. myfishing101 says:

    I pray you stay in faith and stay positive, in Jesus’ mighty name amen. I had a motorcycle wreck in 2006 and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. I have been through a lot and am happy I have my life to Jesus Christ because he gave his life for us.


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