Testimony – Katrina (West Virginia) Child of God

My father molested me when I was 6 years old.  I was scared to tell anyone because my father always threatened me that if I told he would kill me.  I told my mom when I was 11 years old.  She got mad but never did anything legal about it.  I was so scarred.  Today I’m 28.  I’m still scarred i’m on heavy ptsd meds and antidepressant.  I gave my heart to god on thanksgiving day 2015 and I received speaking in tongues the very next day.  3 years later, summer of 2018, I’m in church with my mom and husband.  We didn’t tell anyone I was molested.  A woman Genie turned around and looked at my mom and outta the blue said to my mom; your daughter was molested by her father wasn’t she.  My moms mouth hit the floor because no one else knew that.  Later I go up for prayer and Tracey walked over to me and she started speaking in tongues and she held me tight and god said to me…I will not let him hurt you anymore; god said he is tired of seeing me hurting all the time it breaks His heart seeing me cry and having so much pain in my heart.  God said He is putting up a wall between me and my father and sisters, the wall is for anyone that has ever hurt me and with this wall those who hurt me will never be able to hurt me again.  God said through Tracey that He will take care of my father, He will deal with what he has done to me.  And god asked me through Tracey, He said let Me be your father, let Me be your dad, god said I know you’re scared of men but please don’t be afraid of me.  I will never hurt you.  After church as I was going home, I kept crying and the words that god said to me kept racing threw my mind.  When I got home I dropped to my knees screaming and crying thanking god for what He did for me.  I believed full heartily that god was going to take care of everything.  November 2018 I get a text from my cousin saying my dad has cancer.  I call my dad and see if it’s true and it is.  He has stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his bones and lymph nodes.  He has 2 years to live.  My mom said god didn’t allow this to happen, god took his hand off my dad long enough for him to get cancer.  I have forgiven my father for what he’s done I love him very much.  I’m even going to his house this Christmas.  And the best part is I’m off the antidepressant and ptsd meds.  I don’t need them anymore, god healed me of all my pain and suffering.  I thank god everyday for helping me.

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1 Response to Testimony – Katrina (West Virginia) Child of God

  1. Carrie G says:

    Katrina, I know your pain and what you went through. Your story is very similar to mine. I too was molested by my day but I was 13. I was threatened not to tell and also my dad was a cop which made it even harder to try to tell someone. I would have flash backs and nightmares over and over. It took over ten years for the truth to come out but by then I was a mess. I was diagnosed with MDD, PTSD and anxiety. I resort to hypnotherapy and depression meds. Worked for a bit. I then moved to a new location and started a new life and gave it to God. Next is only to work on forgiveness. I’m struggling with forgiving him. We are survivors.

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