Testimony – Kimberly (Ohio) Christian

My son was in a near drowning accident in march 2000.  I was told he would not live through the night.  He did!  Three days later after no change in his condition the Dr said there’s nothing more we can do.  He’s in Gods hands now.  I said OK he will be OK then. After 7 days and many, many prayers my son started to show signs of improvement.  He squeezed my hand so gently i wondered if i had truly felt it or just wanted to feel it.  But then he did it for the Dr.  Then he started trying to breathe on his own.  They had to give him drugs so he wouldn’t fight the vent.  During all this there were people praying for my son all over the country.  My sister had requested prayer for him on the internet…people in our hometown had requested prayer in every church…this baby was going to make it.  For as much faith as i had, i also had doubt and fear.  I begged God to please take me in his place.  He had just started life..only 8 yrs old.  Please let him live.  And he did…about a week later he finally came off the vent.  I finally left him long enough to go to Ronald McDonald house for much needed shower.  That’s when i was able to be alone and give thanks to the Lord for my sons life.  I got down on my knees and thanked Him telling Him i would happily take Jacob back however He would give him to me.  When i was done i got up and looked out the window…just standing there quietly looking at nothing really.  That’s when i felt a comforting hug..not a physical hug..just a hug and a strong feeling telling me that Jacob would be OK…its hard to explain. I was alone but i know i wasn’t truly alone.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I felt He was with me giving me comfort and telling me Jake would be OK.  And boy is he OK!!  Hes 25 now.  Works 6 days a week, drives, has a great girlfriend he’s going to marry!!!!  My son was named miracle boy on rehab unit..and he is a miracle.  He’s my gift from God.  Anytime i need a reminder of the power of faith i just need remember what he’s given me.  There’s so much more to this story that proves Jake is one of the Lords miracles…but its just too much!!  My son is alive and happy today thanks to the Good Lord.
Thank you so much, Kimberly

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