Testimony – Olivia (Tennessee) Christian

I was neck deep in sin and selling drugs when one day I was pulled over by state troopers. They searched the car and although I was prepared to do the federal time it could have cost me I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more that if God got me out of that situation I would stop selling drugs.  I was so deep in it I didn’t know how it would be possible but just like the children of Egypt He pulled me out with a mighty hand.  They found all the drugs and still let me and my best friend go.  Not even a week later I came to Memphis, TN to visit my dad and never sold drugs again.  I go back home to this day and pray and minister in the same streets and neighborhood that I once helped destroy and spread the good news.  Not only is it good that I can still walk freely in any neighborhood and around any group of people but they can also see the change in my life.  I am told often how proud I’ve made people for changing my life, and how they are grateful that I made it out alive.  So what has Jesus done for me?  He gave me a new life, encouraged me to live holy and to get baptized, and now I too can see the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven!

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2 Responses to Testimony – Olivia (Tennessee) Christian

  1. Roger Paul says:

    Hopefully you will get the awesome t-shirt shirt.i never did get mine from almost a year ago. I waited for months for it to arrive never did so I have up. I’m not very sure about this site. I’m sure it’s a good web site but don’t believe you’ll actually get A AWESOME t-shirt.. It somewhat disappointing…….

  2. Lisa Lawhorn says:

    What an awesome testimony. Thanks lisa

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