Testimony – Anita (Kentucky) Christian

Hello friends, my life was full of rage an hate from abuse from my parents for 14 years.  I carry my scars all over, but God called me a couple of months ago when I tried killing myself.  I felt His presence all around me.  The anger has turned to forgiveness and excepting my past as a lesson in saving others through Christ Jesus.  I would not be here if he hadn’t reached out an took me in.  My road was dark an lonely, but now I will serve him and show others no matter what past you carry, God will bring you through it.  Life is so much happier now.  I would not be here if I hadn’t heard God call me in my heart and stop me from taking my own life.  I have let the anger and rage go, seeing what God can do has made me love Him so much more, and saving me when there was no one to love me..thank you for allowing me to express my heart to you.  THANK YOU LORD FOR RESCUING ME…Amen

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  1. myfishing101 says:

    Amen! God bless you!

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