Testimony – Tae (Kentucky) Baptist

I was never one to follow Jesus. Until the day came when He was all i could turn to so i opened my heart and let him in, giving faith he’d hear my prayers and be my strength. You see, i have a brain tumor on the left side of my brain, and though it is benign, i was told with this type of tumor, that if i ever carried another child, my chance for survival was slim.  However i found out in November i was pregnant.  I was terrified for my life as well as the life of this new little one inside me.  I knew i wanted it.  This miracle gifted to me even though we were safe, it was as though it was meant to be.  So i declined abortion from my doctor’s suggestion.  I took my fears and i turned them to god.  I prayed.  And, i prayed. I am now 30 weeks with a healthy baby and i have survived thus far even though most of my pregnancy has been a rough one.  I continue to pray for a healthy delivery as well because i know the risk for my life, but i also know with God in my heart and hearing my prayers, he will have us in his hands.  Things happen in life that we may not understand, but that’s no reason to shut out the world.  There’s a reason for the good, and the bad.  You just have to keep faith, and leave it to god to lead you where you need to be and trust in him.  As i now have. I’d be proud to wear this shirt if given the opportunity to show my story has only just began with a miracle, because of faith, and because of God.

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1 Response to Testimony – Tae (Kentucky) Baptist

  1. christopher barton says:

    You have opened your “EYES” and heart to god, that is the most truly amazing thing.
    May I suggest that you ask jesus to restore your body to the perfection from which it came, the perfection of our father!!! You are allowed to ask to stay here on this planet, you are allowed to ask to be in a perfectly healthy body, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO ASK!!! For our father loves us all, and as we give him pleasure in watching us grow, he also wants to give us everything he can.
    I have prayed for jesus to heal your body on this planet.

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