Testimony – Nick (Wisconsin) Roman Catholic

My name is Nick and I was born and raised an atheist. For most of my life I have laughed at the thought of a big man in the sky who created all things and knows each person on a personal level; to be completely honest, he seemed a little like Santa Clause-that is to say, a story told to children to teach them to behave. I lived this way up until my Junior year of high school when I was sixteen. As young adults do, my goal was just to blend in, so that day when a local catholic priest came in to talk to my social studies class, I acted as though what he had to say was stupid and laughed along with my classmates. I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but it changed my life. I found myself looking to find out more about Christianity and faith in general. As the year progressed, I became more invested in the word of the lord until it began consuming my life and my parents started asking why my grades were dropping. I couldn’t tell them my new passion for God because they would just laugh and mock so I promised to work harder and life went on. A few weeks later, however, I was tuning into a stream of a service on thesundaymass.org (because I could not attend in person) when my mom walked in. She was horrified that her child was “becoming an idiot” and she made me promise to give up this “religion crap” or there would be serious consequences. At this point I felt lost. I had nobody I could turn to because no one would understand, so I prayed. I would pretend to do homework and just pray for hours in my room. I prayed for a light that could show me how to continue to pursue faith and God answered. Within a week of my feeling lost, that same priest who had come to my school at the beginning of the year was just sitting outside my school as my bus arrived, as if he was waiting for me. As I went to talk with him I felt the grace of God in me and I was fearless. He told me I had to be honest with my parents, but that nothing was more important than God. That night he came to my house around 6:00 pm and helped me lead a discussion with my parents and by the end, they were convinced! They were not converted by any means but they agreed to let me continue my worship and even allowed me to go to local Sunday services! Since then my life has been changed. I now attend school in Wisconsin and I am a proud Catholic.

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  1. Dennis Bettencourt says:

    thanks for sharing. On another note, are you still good to facilitate the 6/3 breakfast?

    Gabe was there on Saturday and asked for you. he is going to speak in July.


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