Testimony – Marylou (Ohio) Christian

I am here to say i am so blessed.
Jesus walks with me thru the days of struggle, sadness and happy days too.  I am so grateful for the chance to share my faith with all who talk to me too!!  Life is good with God.
My life and testimony.  No room here to tell you how i know there is really a God.  I just know.  I have conquered the battles of cancer, heart, divorce, loss of life, coma.
I prayed for a peace of mind to handle every hurdle dealt me.  The power of prayer, it works.  I am proof of this.  I have to share favorite lines i always pray;
In the worshipful words of Angels Ashwin, “Lord, through weariness and hurt, through headaches and depression, I am still Yours. I do not understand, but I believe that You are here in the darkest places…and that nothing can take us out of Your hands.”

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