Testimony – Sonya (Georgia) Pentecostal

I was an alcoholic, drug user, exotic dancer, fornicator, and preachers kid.  I didnt want to hear about getting saved.  I wanted to live my life.  In 2008, I went to the mirror and saw the spirit of death on me.  I began to cry out to GOD to help me.  I was soo thin from cocaine abuse that I looked like walking death.  I heard GOD say, try me and I said how LORD I’m a filthy sinner?…and I gave my life to Christ that day.  He picked me up, cleaned me up, and today I am a licensed Evangelist of Faith On Fire Ministries.  You can check out the website at FaithOnFireMinistries.Org

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1 Response to Testimony – Sonya (Georgia) Pentecostal

  1. Ronald L Scadina I I says:

    Good testimony

    Ron Scadina 831-818-5783

    Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese proverb


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