Testimony – Jennifer (Tennessee) Christian

Since my earliest memory, I remember going to church with my grandmother. After my grandmother had died, I remember my parents suddenly coming to church with me and my sisters. I loved having them around and it was just amazing to have all of my loved ones attending church with me. Soon after, when I was 12 years old, I remember sitting through this revival and listening in awe as a preacher preached. It moved me in way that I knew right then and there, I knew that I was ready. I became saved and was baptized. It was so amazing. When I turned 14, my house was foreclosed and we ended up having to move. I had to change schools, make new friends, and even change churches. I was so depressed by the move, that I began acting out and being bratty. Soon after that, my mom had passed away and things just turned worse. I went downhill and things were just very bad. I didn’t have the will to even live anymore, I was depressed and nothing mattered. A few years ago, I finally let God back into my life and accepted Jesus Christ again. I’m so glad that I let him back into my life. Things have gotten so much better. I would love nothing more than to receive this shirt to represent how AWESOME Jesus Christ is.

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1 Response to Testimony – Jennifer (Tennessee) Christian

  1. Ronald Scadina Jr. says:

    That’s a wonderful testimony, Thanks R

    Ron Scadina 831-818-5783 or 650-269-8722 Java Cauzz & Santa Cruz Revival


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