Testimony – Melissa (Tennessee) Baptist

I am Blessed by God to have my wonderful 8yr old son. We tried for 3 yrs to have a child and couldn’t. Went to doctors and had test after test done. They all said nothing was wrong. I finally said enough. I told my husband and family that I was going to pray and if it was God’s will it would happen. So, I prayed and told God that I’d leave it to Him and let it go. About 2 months later, having given up thinking that it wasn’t meant to be. We found out we were pregnant. This was during a rough time in our family’s life. My now deceased father in law had been diagnosed with lung cancer while we were going thru the earlier trials and he had been going thru radiation. My pregnancy news came during the time after he had decided to stop the treatments because the cancer had spread. That was the beginning of Sept. 2007 and he passed in Oct. My son was born May 2008 and he’s just like him. He has his mannerisms and favors him. I feel like God sent our son because He knew He was calling my father in law Home and so He sent us an Angel in his place.

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