Testimony – Danny (Florida, USA) Christian

On November 14, 2014 I was admitted into the hospital with a very high fever. When I was at the hospital they ran many tests and all my results came back with low values for nutrients and essential vitamins. So the Doctors and nurses started to give me antibiotics and drips to replenish my body. Within 3 days my body started to fail. I couldn’t walk, stand, feed myself, or even lift my arms anymore. Eventually I couldn’t control my own bowel movements & my lungs would stop working to finally my heart. I would go into cardiac arrest and had to be revived twice. After being brought back to life twice, I needed to be on a ventilator for 2 weeks. The doctors ran every test they could run on me, but everything came back negative. My family stood by my side to feed me, change me, and turn my body so I wouldn’t get bed sores. The Lord worked miracles to keep me strong enough through the hardest times of weakness in my soul. Eventually the doctors took a guess and tried a course of treatment known as Plasmapharesis in which the blood is removed from the body and cleaned . Then new proteins are added to it to help fight the infection. Finally this would help stop the destruction of my body. I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or also known as French Polio. After being in the hospital in for 2 months, I was finally moved to a rehabilitation center on January 23, 2015. The next 2 months would be a trying time on me and my family. I would have to learn to speak, move my whole body, and use the bathroom again. But, the Lord kept me strong and showed me light at the end of the tunnel. Then on March 11, 2015 I was finally discharged back home. After a torturous 4 months I had finally returned home with God’s strength. I couldn’t walk or feed myself yet, but I was able to speak again, and my fingers were just starting to work again. Now today with the Lord’s help, I can feed myself, go to the bathroom by myself, and walk with a walker. I just started last month being able to drive again and things are starting to finally look up. Everyday I thank the Lord for being with me through this difficult time and giving me enough strength to recover from such a horrific disease. It has been a long and hard road to get to where I am now, but with every day I am getting stronger and stronger. The only reason I am here today is our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. There are not enough words to express my joy and gratefulness to what the Lord has done for me. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. I was left for dead, but the Lord showed he can do amazing things, & I am living proof of what he can do. He saved me and gave me a second chance at life and I am thankful every day for this opportunity. I tell everyone of how great God is, and what he means to me.

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2 Responses to Testimony – Danny (Florida, USA) Christian

  1. I was at a really low point in my life. Homeless no where to live or eat,but one day i ask the lord to help me..i ask him for a financially blessing,within months i haf my own apartnent an some where to call home…thank you jesus you been good to me…thank you thank you thank you lord…

  2. Kristiane Cannon says:

    Wow. What a glorious testimony!!! Wow. That is purely the strength of Christ. Thank you for sharing this, it reminds me of Rick and his survival from the same… Wow, God is our ultimate healer!!! Blessings, Kristiane

    1Cor 13:4-7


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