Testimony – Amanda (Virginia/USA) Southern Baptist

I was told at 17 that I would never be able to have children.  I never lost my faith but sometimes questioned why.  I started, I guess you could say, going the other way from God when I was about 25.  I was going out doing what I please.  At age 26 I got the surprised of my life, Jesus had blessed me with the gift of life!  I was pregnant and even though the father ran the other way and advised me to abort that was not God’s will and I knew that.  I got myself back into the church, gave myself back to the lord, and was re-baptized while pregnant by our pastor and his wife who is also a pastor.  Since then I have started helping with our children’s ministry and now have a handsome happy healthy 18 month old son. The lord has done so much in my life that I give him all the glory!  Our lord and savior is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see what all he has in store for my little guy and myself!

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    That’s wonderful

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