Testimony -Melinda (Arizona/USA) Baptist

I have struggled with depression and my life was at a standstill.  I was unemployed living in a motel.  I could hardly get out of bed, I was so lost I couldn’t even create thoughts to be productive.  I prayed everyday yet nothing changed.  One day I was angry, frustrated and mad at God.  Something said just tell him the truth.  So I went to my knees and told God I was mad; why had he given up on me?  I reminded him that he promised if I pray in his sons name he would provide.  I was sobbing, passionate pleas for him to help me. Suddenly my phone rang and I was shocked when the caller explained she had gotten my resume over 6 months earlier and ran across it.  I was offered a job….. As promised God was there!

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Rak Chazak Amats! No Fear God is with Us
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