Testimony -Vanessa (Arizona) Christian

This past winter break I went to Maui because my auntie wanted me there for Christmas, and the present she gave me was paying for me to go to camp with the church.  Before I went to Maui I didn’t care about god because a couple years ago my uncle went missing.. I’ve been so upset with god.. It’s been a hard few years for my family and I because we have no closure.. Not knowing where my uncle is, or what happened to him.  I’ve been failing school, my mom lost her job, and we haven’t been ourselves.. When my auntie told me she waned me to go I told her no, but she already paid for it, so I had to go.  I must say, when I was there it just felt like home.  I felt so happy and I would’ve never thought of how many prayers there were for me.. Of how much love that came from the pastors and my new family from youth!   I prayed to god for forgiveness and to help give my family and I strength, especially my mom.  About couple weeks after camp I had an experience with the supernatural, I was laying on the couch and all I could feel was this heavy energy pressing against my body and it felt like I was sinking into the couch and couldn’t breath.  I felt like I was going to die.. About couple seconds afterwards I could hear a soft but powerful “AMEN!” and it went away!  From there, I just knew that god was right by my side protecting me.  I woke up freaking out and told my auntie and she said “Next time just pray,  and thank god for being there.  It may seem that He is not there, but god is always with us”.   At camp one of the things they asked us was “why do bad things happen to good people” the answer was “To help them seek the lord, and help others seek him too.” Knowing that bad things happen all the time isn’t right. But I know god has a plan for us. Jeremiah 29:11 “For i know the thoughts i have towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you a Hope and a Future”

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