Testimony – Dana (Pennsylvania – USA)

Jesus Christ and I have had an off and on relationship. A few years back, my very best friend got hit by an auto mobile right after her 22nd birthday… And I had pretty much given up on Christ. I didn’t understand why he would do this.. two years after I lost my grand father. Then a month after, traumatically… My world.. my father. My father was so strong in his faith. Going through his things.. I’d open his bibles and read verses about not being afraid to die. And how he would have eternal life.. (he passed from a lung disease at 54.) Everything he read for weeks he was preparing to leave to the afterlife. The time spent in the hospital with him, watching him on life support brought me back to Christ. Stronger than ever. It got me through letting him go. The nurses didn’t even know how strong my family was staying. I suffered from depression years after.. but NEVER took drastic measures to end my life.. as much as I wanted to leave to be with my dad… I knew I wouldn’t find myself with him because I knew where I’d end up if I took my life. Christianity has saved my life.. and I have helped talk other off a ledge saying the same things. My faith now has never been so strong. ❤

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