Awesome Quarterly Report – Phil B. (October 2014)

Blessings to all the followers of the Awesome T-Shirt website.  Since I last reported our status to you, we have sent shirts and gospels of John to the country of Serbia.   We achieved one of our stated goals.  We now have an Awesome!!! t-shirt in all 50 United States of America.  We will now focus on additional countries not yet covered.   Thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the word around this project.

On September 20, 2014 multiple churches marched together in our home town’s parade as the Churches of Newark, California…”United in Christ”.   We gave away over 250 shirts and the video in now posted on our website.  Here is the direct link to the video –

In the meantime, thank you for all your words of encouragement.  If you know of Christ followers in any of the countries not yet covered…have them go to our website and request a shirt!

On July 28 I reported the following:

  • Our website had over 1,500 followers
  • Our shirt count was at 1,696
  • The shirt had owners in 45 US states and 47 countries

Today on October 19, I have the following to report:

  • The website has over 1,778 followers
  • Our shirt count is at 2,051
  • The shirt has owners in all 50 US states and 48 countries around the world

111 blessings,

Phil B.

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