Awesome Quarterly Report – Phil B.

Blessings to all the followers of the Awesome T-Shirt website.  Since I last reported our status to you, we have sent shirts and gospels of John to the Netherland, Ethiopia and Morocco.   We also sent shirts out to 15 more US states.  This project has only been in existence for a little over a year.  Thank you to everyone who is helping to spread the word around this project.

We have a new project underway to march with multiple churches under the banner of Jesus Christ wearing the Awesome t-shirt in September.  Hopefully we will be posting a video of that event.

In the meantime, thank you for all your donations and words of encouragement.  If you know of Christ followers in any of the US states we have yet to cover (Ohio, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts) or countries yet covered…have them go to our website and request a shirt!

On March 28 I reported the following:

  • Our website had over 1000 followers
  • Our shirt count was at 1,371
  • The shirt had owners in 33 US states and 44 countries

Today on July 28, I have the following to report:

  • The website has over 1,500 followers
  • Our shirt count is at 1,696
  • The shirt has owners in 45 US states and 47 countries around the world

111 blessings,

Phil B.

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