Our Prayer

The other day we received a shirt request from the Ukraine. The actual request is at the bottom of this post. As of today, we have received more than 6,000 shirt requests from Russia and its surrounding countries. We have only been able to fulfill about 300 of these requests as of yet. To put this into perspective we have received less than 200 requests via our website in the US and all of those request we have been able to fulfill. So we continue to ask the question in prayer…why Russia? why Ukraine? why Lithuania? why Latvia?

For some the answer is because the shirt is free. We have seen our website linked on websites where people just go out and collect free stuff. For others it is because they are people of faith and have a desire to be linked to a faith movement outside of their country or better yet express their faith to their countrymen through this shirt.  Since we have limited funds, we rely on the Holy Spirit to direct us where we send shirts to.

For the request below we cannot discern the truthfulness of the story supplied but we can proclaim to a strong desire to see God’s hand at work in the current situation in the Ukraine and if our shirt somehow plays a part in that we would have received an answer to our  “Why Ukraine?” prayers.  That is our prayer!


Reason For Requesting a Shirt: Now in our country is very tense, you may have heard about it, almost a civil war. at a rally in the city center, I met a man in a same t-shirt and spoke to him. this guy has attracted people and inspired them hope, and remind that everything will be fine. and you know, it was great. sorry for my English and have a nice day – Vitaly

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4 Responses to Our Prayer

  1. Iness says:

    Let people worldwide know the simple citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not want war! Let us unite under the name of Christ!

  2. Iness says:

    Ordinary people in Russia are very empathic on the tragedy in Ukraine, and want the world returned as quickly as possible. There is nothing more terrible than war! The more fratricidal war. Let God help us! To peace and tranquility.

  3. Оксана says:

    О! Це дуже страшно, що зараз твориться на Україні! Я прошу пробачення, що пишу українською мовою, не знаю англійської мови. Але ми всі молимося. Кожен день я прошу Бога щоб у нас вкраїні був мир і тиша. Не видно кінця и краю той війні, кому вона ото потрібна?! Усі брешуть, газети, інтернет, телебачення, а люди гинуть. Допоможи нам Боже!

    OH! It is very scary, what is now going on! I apologize that I write in English, don’t know the English language. But we all pray. Every day I ask God to make us vkraïnì was peace and quiet. Not visible to the end and the edge of the war, whom she sometimes needed?! All gossiping, newspapers, the Internet, television, and people are dying. Help us God!

    • Iness says:

      Простые люди в России очень сопереживают по поводу трагедии на Украине, и хотят , чтобы мир вернулся как можно быстрее. Нет ничего страшнее войны! Тем более войны братоубийственной. Да поможет нам Господь! Чтобы воцарились мир и спокойствие.

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