Awesome Orion!!!

Last Sunday after church, I was stopped at a traffic light and a car pulled up next to me.  The driver liked my car and told me he was visiting the US from Russia and was enjoying driving on American streets.  I asked him if he went to church in Russia and he said Yes, Orthodox Catholic church.  I said, welcome to America and asked him if I could give him a gift; he said sure, so he followed me to a parking lot where we got a chance to talk.  I found out that his name was Orion and I gave him and his American friend Awesome t-shirts and told them about our website.  I told them I would post a story about this chance encounter and now I have.

We serve an Awesome God and sometimes if your looking He’ll let you know He’s there with you.

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Rak Chazak Amats! No Fear God is with Us
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2 Responses to Awesome Orion!!!

  1. ILIA says:


  2. jojomccoy says:

    Bold action! Love it!

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