Awesome Request for Stories – Ray W.

This past Sunday I preached at my church for the second time, the last time being about 2 years ago.  I did not wear my Awesome shirt but I did mention it and talked about how wearing it helps us get out of our comfort zone.  I had been sick for weeks and that Sunday morning I felt my voice leaving me and wondered if I would be able to speak at all.  But in my weakness I found God’s strength and was able to speak what turned out to be a pretty powerful message.  I know it was God working in my sick mortal body.  My text was Hebrews 5:11-6:3.  The overall message was that God wants us to move from where we are to full maturity.  The image used here was going from milk to meat.  As babies we need milk to help us grow but at some point our diet has to change for use to mature.  In the same way, we need to increase our spiritual diet by getting deeper into God’s word and study the Bible as if our life depends on it.  And we need to step out in faith and DO those things God asks of us.  One of those things is to share our faith with others and help them become Disciples of Christ.  If we learn and grow in our knowledge but are not sharing what we know, we are not fulfilling our calling.  As I thought on this later my mind turned back to the Awesome shirt.  There are so many of us who have shirts and wear them regularly.  And if you are not, here is your chance to do so.  If you are anything like me, you have encounters with others that are sometimes very powerful and exciting.  If this is true of you, I encourage you to post your story here.  It will be a great encouragement to Phil and me but also to the hundreds of followers of the website.  Don’t let your story end with you but let it be a testimony to God’s awesome and powerful life transformation available to all who will accept it.  Awesome is His name!!!

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2 Responses to Awesome Request for Stories – Ray W.

  1. Kristiane says:

    Thank you for the inspiring message of fellowship and why we are called to share, so that we can strengthen our relationship with Him through eachother. The analogy is wonderful!

  2. christopher barton says:

    Ray, you are a very special person!!! I hope you know that.

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