Faith Investment Opportunity? – Phil B.

It seems that I have been putting off the writing of this post now for about a month now.  I knew I was supposed to write something but I didn’t quite have the correct content to be shared.  Hopefully now I do.

Over the holiday I attended a Christmas play at my church.  During the play the children sang a song that contained the following words, “Shout it, Go on and scream it from the mountains, Go on an tell it to the masses that He is God”.  During the song, the children kept repeating this line and each time they would repeat it more people would join in and the volume of the message would increase.  While this was occurring, an elder at my church (Ken R.) put his hand on my shoulder and stated, “that’s what you are doing with the t-shirt.”  He left his hand upon me and I felt he was praying yet I couldn’t respond to his statement.  It was such an intense moment for me and I was just paralyzed by the Spirit that came upon me confirming those words.  But what’s next?

The original purpose for this post was to give an end of year wrap up on the progress this shirt is making.  And there is progress to report:

On October 29th I reported the following:

  • Our website had 100 followers
  • We hit the 1000 shirt milestone
  • The shirt had owners in 26 US states and 9 countries (We had indeed begun to shout it and tell it to the masses)

Today on January 3rd, I have the following to report:

  • The website has over 500 followers
  • Our shirt count is at 1,271
  • The shirt has owners in 30 US states and 32 countries around the world (the volume of the message continues to increase)

 What now?  Well, now I get to the part that has been troubling me.  I need to solicit donations for the next phase of this project.  I hate asking for money or donations because it makes me question this project but it is exactly because it is not what I want to do that I feel I’m supposed to do it.  Pride and faith do not mix well and when faced with the choice between the two…WE must chose faith…ALWAYS!!!

We are $374 in donations away from approaching our first church and proposing to share this story with their congregation and giving away 111 t-shirts for free.  After that, every $1000 in donations we receive will lead us to engage another church and then another and so on.  Frankly, this proposition makes me really uncomfortable because it forces me to get even farther out of my comfort zone in faith and do things I just don’t do.  I have a feeling in my gut that this project will not be positively received at all the churches we engage but in those cases we will just dust off our sandals and proceed to the next church so we can truly see how loud a noise God wants to make with this song of His.

If you are a follower of this website or possess a shirt then you are already part of this story.  Would you be willing to invest your money to greatly increase the volume of this song?  Whatever happens we will continue tell the story here.  The donations page now contains a counter bar which shows how much money we are collecting and how far we are from approaching the next church.  I ask that you pray about this to determine if you truly should become a bigger part of this story than you currently are:

On new year’s morning I climbed a mountain wearing the Awesome t-shirt.  There were hundreds of people climbing the mountain that day and I even met a man who recognized the shirt and told me he had worn it the previous day (…scream it from the mountains…).  I pray next year there will be a lot more than one shirt on that mountain!

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