Awesome Birthday – Phil B.

Today my wife had her first birthday party.  People gathered and told stories and celebrated her birth into the realm and reality we all are searching for.  My house was filled with the Holy Spirit and love…and I find myself truly content and thankful.  In this world she lives on through the Awesome t-shirt so wear your shirts once this week for Toni Barton and rejoice in the grace of the Lord.

111 Blessings

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Rak Chazak Amats! No Fear God is with Us
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4 Responses to Awesome Birthday – Phil B.

  1. Dennis Bettencourt says:

    Thanks. Hope you are doing well with this. BTW, do you like kaluha?

  2. Michael Scherzer says:

    Phil:It has been a joy to meet you through our mutual brother Dennis; and I have been blessed to witness your strength and faith as we continue this journey. Peace my friend- 111

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