Awesome Journey to God – Valentina (Russia)

My dear friends ,

I would like to tell about my journey to our Savior.   Several years ago,
I, being an unbeliever, married a man who was far from God.  My husband
drank and didn’t follow his faith.   At first I was worried , cried , but then I
decided to retaliate.  I knew what was good and evil, but about God and
the devil I had only a vague idea.  I was walking down the road of perdition, but I thought that this kind of revenge against my husband was fair.

I entered into a relationship with a man who had a family and children.  I consoled myself with the thought that many do this type of thing.  Then I realized that my soul has value to God even though I was living in sin.  I thought this man my beloved, though, if I loved him , I should not make him a participant of sin and wouldn’t want grief for his wife.

I decided to return home alone, so that I would not to be noticed by friends.   Having come to the roadside, I walked to the bus stop.  There was nobody around and I was soon approached by a car that braked sharply ahead of me.   Some men looked out of the  car  and waved to me, inviting me to join them.  I turned away and looked at the road, hoping that my beloved will appear  and I’ll be safe.  I remembered that I had heard a lot about the women killed after being raped so I was scared. The car slowly began reversing and approach me.  A man got out and walked toward me while the other men in the were looking at me.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a truck and ran to meet it, asking for it to stop.  The
driver pulled up, I jumped in the cab, and then a man came out of the car,
demanding that the driver drop me off.  I stared in awe at the driver and
could only say, ” Come on, please .”   We drove off and left them behind, so God saved me from the deserved punishment.  When I read in the Bible the words: ” The wages of sin is death,” I am very grateful to God that His “mercy triumphs over
judgment.”  At the time I thought I was lucky.  But God through His love lead me to repentance and salvation.

Shortly after this incident, I was present at the unloading of six-meter
logs for the construction of a wooden house.  The mobile crane unloaded these logs
from the trailer to the ground, and I  wrote down the quantity in a notebook.  I thought that one of the logs was shorter than the others.  Suddenly,  as if someone had pushed me in the back, I began to run across the logs that were unloaded under the boom truck crane.  At this moment a load of logs swept over my head.  One of them slid, tilted and fell right on my head from a height of several meters.  The Log knocked off my fur cap, and then fell to the ground right next to me. The pale crane truck driver ran up to me with surprise and then looked at me, then at the beam.  I hadn’t any scratches, abrasions or bruises.  It was a miracle from God!  Shortly after this incident, I came to God .

Now I know the devil tried to desroy me many times when I brazenly rebelled
against God’s law.   I was lost at those moments and I would have had no hope of
eternal life with my Savior.  Praise the Lord for His mercy to sinners.   We are not condemned because of sin and for those who have yet to find  and understand God’s love…there is still hope.

So my dear friends I would love to have a t- shirt to keep my belief in my
heart and to keep it growing.  Every day I share my love of Christ
with others and I want more people to know about Christ. He is always in
our hearts and forever in our souls.  May this belief help you on your way.  God
bless you Thank you..Yours forever, Valentina

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