Awesome Field – Phil B.

For a while now, the Lord has been showing a brother of mine from church that He intends to build a very large church on a 70 acre piece of land in Newark.  This man committed himself to walking around this piece of land for 7 weeks while praying over the field.  Last Sunday was the 7th time and I walked with him.  What I didn’t expect is that we would both be wearing Awesome T-Shirts when we met at the field.  So we walked around this very large empty field and when we got to each corner we would raise our hands and ask for discernment on this idea before claiming the field in Jesus name.  Somewhere along the way, we even built a small altar of 7 rocks which felt very old testament.  When we got to the final corner of the field something was different…there were people standing around and they ended up witnessing us praying over the field in the Awesome t-shirts (What they must have been thinking?)

I’ve been reminded this week that God has a “jealous love” for each and every one of us.  Our role is to actively seek to discern His will and proceed in humble obedience.  Sometimes this leads to marching around a field on a Sunday afternoon or sending a particular t-shirt all over the world for purpose yet to be understood.

So go out and find your “Secret Place” where the Lord will engage you and then be bold in your actions…in Jesus name…Amen!!!

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3 Responses to Awesome Field – Phil B.

  1. Kristiane says:

    To God be the Glory! 🙂 awesome how much the unexpected touches us… Thanks!

  2. Ron Scadina says:

    That’s a good word Phil!

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