Awesome Poem – Kristiane C.

The Awesome Shirt 111

The shirt is Awesome, this is true!
It brings the heart from shadows’ blue,
It shines the light from wronged to true.
The cross it bears, it shows our way,
Determines, decides, blesses our day.
Many have viewed the T-shirt’s face,
It’s made an impact in every place-
Halloween, vacations, church, and fair,
Groceries, concerts, and work without care.
It’s blessed across mountains, deserts, oceans, and seas,
In twenty-eight countries from here to Australia.

Just a shirt? It’s so much more!
A chance to share stories, prayers and lore-
Opening to invite the timid and reckless,
A start to a new path of endings so blessed.
The days we wore the shirt-that-is-Awesome…
We’ll never know what happened next,
We can venture a guess within this text-
One man brought to words recalls years since he prayed,
Another wonders if his faith would still count, unerased.
How many others whispered alone,
Or burdened and anxious turned to their phone?
What if they ran from us to the arms of Jesus,
Straight to the Savior in all their mad rush…
Or to a loving smile, a Godly challenge, a test of faith.
We could have seen fifty people when in a store,
Hundreds on vacation, but only one in the mirror.
So, wear the shirt, go outside,
Love on God and in him bide!
What I know without doubt is that I was more blessed,
To be held visible and accountable for the symbol I dressed.
Thank you for bearing these shirts as ripe fruits,
May we turn them to seeds and sow them with whoops
May your ministry thrive in the blessings each day,
From the jealous love birthed in your grand idea!

Psalm 111:9 NIV
“He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant forever— holy and awesome is his name.”

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