Awesome Coincidence (Shirt Request Story) – Q

I just have to share this.  We received this request for shirts via the website but it is the story behind the shirt request that I find so amazing.  After submitting the request the requestor shared the email below with me about how the request came about…Awesome!!! -PB


Dear sisters,

I have to share with you this!

Last Sunday Kelly taught our kids to sing two songs, and one of them is “Awesome God”. While we were singing I thought if we could get all these kids to sing this song in front of our congregation it will be really powerful. That night, Dorothy sent out an email that we are going to have a dedication ceremony in Nov.  I immediately emailed her this idea.  I don’t know if we are going to do this but I was already in my mind thinking about it and I thought if we could get the kids a T shirt to wear it would be even better.  But I just thought it, I didn’t take any action to check with Dorothy or check the price to get a T-shirt or anything.

And you know what?  Today I went to bible study at Bridges and during announcements a sister told us there is a free T-shirt that is being given away.  And on the T-shirt it shows “Awesome and a cross”!  We just need to go to this website to request one.  I prayed and said to God, “You provide us with things that we haven’t even asked!”  I emailed and requested 30 shirts  and I am not sure if they will give us that many, but please pray that they do!  And I can’t wait to share this with other helpers and parents about how amazing God is!

In Him


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