Awesome seed planting – Kim

The Awesome Challenge !!!   So we were challenged as a church body to march in the Newark Days parade, not only march in this parade but to wear our Awesome Shirt and the biggest Challenge was to give a shirt to someone watching us go by.  So we all prayed asking God to show us who He wanted to have this shirt.  There she was this woman whom I thought God wanted me to approach.  I walked up to her as proud as can be asking her if she loved Jesus, that’s what was on my heart!  She responded with “I don’t know” my response ” you don’t know?”  Well can I give you this Awesome shirt?  And to my surprise she said NO, I was taken aback totally not expecting rejection.  Again I believed this was the woman God wanted to have this shirt.  I said ok God Bless and shook the surprise away, put a smile back on my face and was off again asking then who is supposed to have this shirt.  I was able to give this Awesome shirt away before the end of the parade.  Tonight we prayed for this lady who said no, and my prayer is that God did want me to approach her and just maybe this was Gods way of planting a seed.

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