Awesome Baptism – Kristiane

My Awesome shirt was a gift on the day before I am to publicly declare my devotion in Baptism!  I wore it to Yosemite, and was so comfortable in it that I actually forgot that I was wearing it until I noticed other hikers looking as they went by.  It was great to see acknowledgement in some faces, and to know that what I feel on the inside was showing on the outside as we walked on the paths (literally) created by God to an unimaginable
endpoint 🙂  thank you for sharing your testimony and offering such a strong
story of Faith so freely! I will wear it after the ceremony tomorrow – thanks again 🙂

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Rak Chazak Amats! No Fear God is with Us
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1 Response to Awesome Baptism – Kristiane

  1. wolfcal says:

    Congratulations sister Kristiane. You rock!!!

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