Awesome Shirt Underground – Ray

My wife and I picked up our granddaughter in Fresno to bring her home for a week stay. While we where there, we visited the underground garden and I wore my Awesome shirt. There were about 30 people in our tour group. The tour guide was a very outgoing African-American lady who had such a wonderful spirit that I wondered if she was a Christian. She talked about the faith of the person who created the underground garden and how he incorporated many “3’s” to represent the Trinity.  Toward the end of the tour I passed her and she softly said how she loved the shirt.  Not five minutes later, someone from the back yelled, “That’s A Great T-Shirt!” and I turned, not seeing who said it, and gave a very quick story about the shirt and thanked him for mentioning it. I don’t know exactly what I said but several people from the tour group said they appreciated seeing the shirt as we were later leaving the facility.

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