Awesome sighting – Kayla M.

I actually saw someone wearing one these shirts at a FoodMaxx in San Jose! Now (about 2 weeks later) I saw a picture of it on Facebook! I love the idea that you have and would love to support it!

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Rak Chazak Amats! No Fear God is with Us
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1 Response to Awesome sighting – Kayla M.

  1. Helen L says:

    I wore the tee the other day for the first time and felt a little on display front and back for all to see. Then I thought wearing this tee speaks volumes that most people, christians are to shy. Afraid etc. To do and say. So I started to feel ok as the Lord says do not be afraid for I am with you. When it was my turn at the register a young girl exclaimed Awesome! With a smile. 🙂

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